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Paul Johnstone

Paul has over 20-years’ experience of R&D in sensor technology for the dairy industry. After his Electrical Engineering PhD he was hired as a research scientist with Sensortec Ltd, a start-up company specialising in high-tech sensor technologies for dairy farmers. Paul led a number of successful projects which resulted in commercial on-line sensors for milk quality, animal health, and milk composition. Paul was promoted to leading the company, which was eventually acquired by a Dutch company, Lely Industries, the developer of robotic milking systems. The sensors that were developed are now used worldwide on robotic and conventional-milking dairy farms.

Most of the technologies developed over the past few years are focused on full automation. These systems are great but require high capital investment and are thus not viable for a lot of farmers. Paul’s focus now has shifted onto low cost, semi-automated sensors, in order to bring these useful technologies, into the hand of all farmers and milking staff. Paul has worked tirelessly to bring his idea of the Herdsman SCC to life, improving the current Mastitis Test that New Zealand farmers know today. 

Mike Williams Herdsman
Paul Johnstone Herdsman


Mike Williams

Director of MWDesign Ltd, Mike is a practicing industrial designer with 25 years industry experience both in Europe
and NZ.

He has an extensive portfolio of agri-tech based products that he has designed for customers over the years including Dairy NZ, LIC, Shoof and AgriHealth. 

Using design sensitivity to both user and animal, his knowledge is critical to the design of the Herdsman SCC. 


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